Student Sketchbook Drawings

The following students were in the Spring 2017 Drawing class:

Lorraine Anderberg, Angel Au, Nathan Au, Brooke Bannon, Nick Brouwer, Xitlaly Cruz, Olivia Edwards, Yostina Eshaq, Gerardo Feria Ortiz, Nicholas Garrett, Sarah Geis, Celli Herman, Matthew Jaehn, Vanessa Leon, Abisai Lopez, Ericka Lopez, Jennifer Lopez, Tristan Mccoy, Monica Nares, Arianna Pimentel, Daniel Rosales, Michael Sayson, Deven Sestina, Linda Silvasy, Chance Stahura



I am hoping to evoke an emotion of sadness and hope in my photomontage. I found an image of a homeless guy holding a dog tightly to him, and it inspired a feeling of hidden divinity in the least likely places. I chose a bleak alleyway as the backdrop for the peice with a misty portal in the background as if leading to heaven or valhalla or wherever. i made the misty quality from a collection of cloud and cigarette smoke images with a starry sky for the irregular dots. i added graffiti to the walls of the alleywy and adjusted the lighting to make it pop. I added wings and a halo to the homeless man showing the hidden divinity in even the least likely places and made them ethereal and transparent with a glowing nimbus that tied in with the lighting effects on the wall nearby. I also adjusted the homeless man’s color to apply the lighting to him as well.