I am hoping to evoke an emotion of sadness and hope in my photomontage. I found an image of a homeless guy holding a dog tightly to him, and it inspired a feeling of hidden divinity in the least likely places. I chose a bleak alleyway as the backdrop for the peice with a misty portal in the background as if leading to heaven or valhalla or wherever. i made the misty quality from a collection of cloud and cigarette smoke images with a starry sky for the irregular dots. i added graffiti to the walls of the alleywy and adjusted the lighting to make it pop. I added wings and a halo to the homeless man showing the hidden divinity in even the least likely places and made them ethereal and transparent with a glowing nimbus that tied in with the lighting effects on the wall nearby. I also adjusted the homeless man’s color to apply the lighting to him as well.

Khea Padilla – Photo Montage

imageI knew I wanted to have some typographical element in the piece so I used it as a connecting thread to what I was trying to convey in my project. I want it to have something to do with unity/disunity in a fallen society that is of another world or realm, etc. I want to take photos of my friends and meld them along with other elements, together to create a form of what a society would look like if it were one person.



Lesley Maidona – Photomontage


This project was inspired, by a dream I had. I didn’t have a particular artist in mind when I made this. I just felt that I wanted recreate that paticular dream. It was not exactly like this, but it was very similar. I’ve been inspired to make a comic with the same theme, but it never really worked out. So, I felt that this photomontage would be the perfect opportunity to recreate this dream. The dream was about my adventure going through an abandoned amusement park alone. And, all the attractions had their own theme and monsters or ghost that would try to keep me from leaving the park. It had a very eerie presence to it so I tried to add fog, lightning, glowing eyes, and creepy characters to capture that.